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October 10, 2009

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the plan

June 26, 2009



My blog has fallen into an abyss.  While life is going ahead day by day, I sit here waiting for “something” to happen and feel like writing about “nothing” until it does.

Sigh.  Maybe I’ve just had too much practice at waiting for life to “begin again” so while I’m in a holding pattern, I’m also holding my breath and doing the bare minimum creatively.  I’m not even knitting!  My son-in-law noticed that before I did when he was here visiting two weeks ago.  He made the comment that I hadn’t knit during those three days.

Huh.  I had to think about that one.

So here’s The Plan.  I’ve got quilted placemats to make for a wedding present, knitting to finish for the State Fair, and a Plan Toys dollhouse to begin collecting.  Maybe those happy things will pull me out of the doldrums.

First Plan dollhouse purchase: a little boy.  Since Calder arrived in this world first and this little wooden boy is wearing Calder’s signature green color, I’m calling him Calder.  I’m keeping him here on the desk for now.  When I buy John David, I’ll have to separate them, though, so that they don’t wrestle each other to the floor. (See Ali’s blog.)

first haircuts!

June 14, 2009

John David getting his first haircut

John David getting his first haircut

Calder's turn

Calder's turn

It doesn’t seem that long ago that Anne was trying to climb up on the sofa.


And now it’s Cora’s turn.

Cora climbing on sofa

Oh, the fun you have waiting for you!

(Please disregard the plaid sofa.  I can’t believe that I bought that.)

I went to Toys R Us this morning to pick up a few things to entertain Cora when she’s visiting us in 10 days.  As you can imagine, I don’t shop there regularly anymore (or maybe I should say yet) since Anne and Ali are two decades out from playing with toys.  And the grandchildren are really just now getting into them.  I’m glad I went by myself because Dave would have grown impatient with my slow pace.  I had to look at everything.  I skipped the Transformers aisle.

Here is what I bought:

little tikes tablePerfect for playing with puzzles or coloring.  Or eating Gerber puffs.

FP busCora has the Fisher Price car that is a part of the series and loves it.  It came in purple and pink, too, but I bought primary colors so Calder and John David don’t have to play with “the girl bus.”

FP inflatable busAnother bus, this one inflatable and it can be used inside or out.  With 25  squishy balls to roll around in.  

6 hours later: I think this one is going back.  Inflating it is going to be a pain and I’m worried that the walls aren’t that sturdy.  

And last, a pool

FP poolAll of these diversions should make Nana’s house a fun place to be.  And allow us to sit in the back yard and have a glass of wine or two.


May 25, 2009

Onesies 002 

This project has been on my To Do list for weeks.  Okay, months.  And this afternoon I was in the mood to do them.  I drew the pattern on the Pellon bonding paper and then ironed it on the back of the fabric.  Peeled off the paper and then ironed the applique to the onesie.  Except for when I ironed the wrong side of the elephant’s ear and bonded it to the soleplate of my iron.  Grrrrrr.   Grosgrain ribbon trims the sleeves and they’re ready to go.  These are 18 month size so I’m going to have Cora test-wear one.  Then her Dad can see if he can make the applique fall off in the washer/dryer.  If anyone can do it, Ryan can.  (love ya, Ryan.)  If they fall off, it’s back to the sewing machine and I’ll zig zag them on.

And that was my creative Memorial Day.

scary smart

May 21, 2009

Cora 1

Since minute one, Cora has been amazing us with her power of observation.  She stayed awake for hours after birth, eyes open, taking everything in.  One of the Labor and Delivery nurses commented that this was quite unusual for such a “fresh” one.  Having spent years working in L&D, I agreed.  Very unusual.   She continued to show us how she’s watching every move we make.  At 8 months, we were startled at Christmas to find that she understood how to play a chase game around an ottoman.  At 10 months, she knew to pick up the TV remote and aim it at the TV.  Because that’s what the big people do to get it on.

This afternoon when Anne picked her up at daycare, one of the caregivers said, “this baby is really smart.”  Well, yes, we know that.  But today’s trick amazes all of this.  There’s a sorting toy there that is something like this:

stacking toy 1 Willis was watching Cora stack the shapes on the spindles which is difficult enough.  But she was sorting them by color.  He called the rest of the caregivers over to watch.  Then he dumped them off the spindles, mixed them up and gave it back to her.  She did it again, all sorted by color.  They said they had never seen a baby this young who could do this.

Cora is 13 months old.  Anne said, “We’re toast.”



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